The 5th International Coaching Conference
"Coaching Meets Research … Organisation, Digitisation, and Design" is taking place in Olten/Switzerland on June 12th and 13th 2018. Important: additional Exclusive-Workshops on June 11th/14th 2018.


Subject of almost any coaching is the interplay of people and organisations. The increasing digitisation of organisations creates a number of profound challenges: new forms of management, media-supported forms of communication, a democratisation of decision-making processes, an increased sharing of responsibilities, virtual team-work, and internationalisation. How can coaching connect to these developments? How can coaching contribute in these areas? What are the challenges to be overcome? And what does all this mean for the management of coaching as a service, from executive coaching to the field of work integration?

Current coaching practice continuously contributes to and is accompanied by the development of new concepts and research projects. The goal of this international conference is to bring together and to systematically analyse developments from practice and research. Therefore, the upcoming conference offers three thematic strands:

  • »Organisation«: How is coaching offered in organisations? What models exist in this realm? How do coaching programmes, coaching cultures, and the uses of coaching as a part of organisational developments differ? How can the quality of coaching in organisations be assured? Which skills and competences in business administration are necessary for the successful implementation of coaching in organisations? What is the relevance of internationally operating coaching enterprises?
  • »Digitisation«: What characterises our contemporary and future world of work? What are the consequences for coaching in this respect? What is the relevance of digitisation of the working world? What opportunities and risks are connected to this development? What is the state of development of digitised coaching formats? How and to what degree of success can these formats be implemented? What is important in digitised coaching?
  • »Design«: Design is concerned with the architecture and the formats of coaching (e.g. supplementary and specific methods, programmes geared towards change and development, the scaling of coaching programmes) in the customer and client context. Design provides the necessary bridge between organisation and digitisation. How do architectures and formats of coaching develop in the realms of work integration, school and education, leadership and change management? What are recent trends and new roles? Scaling and/or individualisation? Hybrids, prototypes, process management?