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... a conference for people whose understanding of coaching is guided by principles of high quality and ambition.

5th International Coaching Conference
"Organisation, Digitisation, and Design"
12th/13th June 2018 in Olten/Switzerland, with Exclusive-Workshops on June 11th/14th 2018

Subject of almost any coaching is the interplay of people and organisations. The increasing digitisation of organisations creates a number of profound challenges: new forms of management, media-supported forms of communication, a democratisation of decision-making processes, an increased sharing of responsibilities, virtual team-work, and internationalisation. How connects coaching to these developments?

The goal of this international conference was to bring together and to systematically analyse developments from practice and research.


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Conference Organisation

Dr. Robert Wegener

Conference Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Loebbert, Director Coaching Studies FHNW
Prof. Hansjörg Künzli, Co-Head of Section Diagnostics & Counselling, ZHAW
Prof. Dr. Eric Lippmann
Leader of the Center for Leadership, Coaching & Change Management at Institute of Applied Psychology Zurich, ZHAW

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